Planet Cazmo Cheats Dot Net 1 month Late Year Old Party!

17 12 2008

Hey cazmos. I just Remembered that this site turned one year old November16th, and My cazmo turned one year old, November third. I decided we should have a LATE PARTY!!!! York and I are having have a party together. EVERYONE WHO COMES HAS THE CHANCE TO WIN 1,000 CAZMO CASH 




In other news, here’s the newsleter from planet cazmo

Friends of Cazmo – Season’s Greetings!!

What a year! BIG thanks to all our fans who helped make Planet Cazmo
one of the fastest-growing virtual worlds for ‘tweens and teens in 2008!
If you haven’t been to Cazmo in a while, there’s a TON of new stuff to
check out!
Memberships Are Here!

Cazmo Celebrity Concerts – Soulja Boy This Saturday

Great Cazmo Gift Items … for The Real World!!


New Official Planet Cazmo Blog 

And finally here is wishing all Cazmonauts and their families a very happy holiday
season! Drop us a line if you have any questions at
Spread The World!
Planet Cazmo
Last week we launched a new Blog and Online Community. Here you’ll

always find the latest news, promotions, announcements, and tons of great pictures, videos, and stories created by other Cazmo Players.
It changes all the time, so visit often. 


Tis the Season! So we have produced a nice catalog of Cazmo items:T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Hats, Coffee Mugs, Stickers, and SKATEBOARDS!

All of these items are made from real world materials – not digital pixels! 



Earlier in the Fall we built a new Concert Venue in Cazmo, started partnerships with major music labels, and kicked off a Weekend Concert Series.
Thus far we’ve seen the likes of Natasha Bedingfield, The Clique Girlz,Yung Berg, and this Saturday, December 20, we have SOULJA BOY!
The concert starts at 2:00 PM (EST) and will play every hour on the hour until 9:00 PM in the new Cazmo Arena.



ALSO, check out the Soulja Boy YouTube Spot! and send it to your friends!


We are just a couple of weeks into our new Membership Program and we’re excited to report that many users are loving the benefits of being a paid Member of the Cazmo Community. Special clothes, special accessories,access to special places, and much more are being added soon (Pets!).
Memberships are $5.95 per month and discounted for 6- or 12-month subscriptions.
And as a Holiday Special we’re now giving away a free month!! It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?!





Soccer Pcap-009

New Planet Cazmo Log-In Page Outside Background & Border

17 12 2008

I just wanted to add a little to what raulboy said so I made this post. With the new video, there is also a new outside background and border on the Log-In Page of Planet Cazmo.

planet cazmo cheats