Some Awesome Updates!

6 12 2008

Hey guys Jimbercane over here! Today when I logged onto Planet Cazmo I was amazed with what I saw! There was snow everywhere!

But that was not the only new thing. There were atleast 4 more updates that came out today too. Let me start off with the Button update. On theLog-In Page of Planet Cazmo, the button on the right hand side has now changed. The button now is about memberships.

The next update has to do with the chatbar. I am sure most of you have guessed it already! It has changed. As you can see in the picture below, the Cazmo Cell Phone button looks different, and is now on the chatbar!

The next update is that you could now see the Pet Store! It is in the Neighborhood. Though the sad part to all of this is, that you can’t go in it.

The next update is that you could now visit Natasha Bedingfield’s house!

The next and last update is that there are now 3 NPC’s (No Playing Characters) in the Cazmo Rena.

Finally, the Chief has launched Cazmo Skateboards, so if you like to skatboard and want 1 of these cool PLanet Cazmo Skateboards, then click here and buy one!

planet cazmo cheats




One response

7 12 2008

can you put me on your blogroll?
i put u on my blogroll.
thank you!
~candy is delicous

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