26 11 2008

Ok i am going to have a party for three awesome reasons! here they are

1. soccers amazing site raching 50 000 hits!

2. hey1509 and tape video productions doing well! [ ]

3. lots of cool planet cazmo updates!

  I hope this doesnt interfear with the party u are already having. But i hope u and all the site members are coming!!

I will be recording the whole thing and putting it on youtube. we will be clicking player cards.

 If you are coming please comment on this post or on my youtube channel saying u r coming so i have an idea of how many will show.

here is the details:

Place. beatstreet, town square

date. Friday November 28.

time. 4 p.m eastern usa, 3 p.m central usa, 1 p.m western usa, 1 p.m club penguin time, 5.00 p.c time[i think] and i am from canada so just google what it would be where you live if you arent from the usa. 


~ Tape



7 responses

26 11 2008

Im Devil ill be coming =D

26 11 2008
club penguin

can you do club penguin time

26 11 2008

I’ll be there but u should put Planet Cazmo time too

27 11 2008
Mista Crunch

count me in!

27 11 2008

what is the planetcazmo time of your party?

27 11 2008

I am coming i am ANCIENT BLUE do it in
club penguin time

28 11 2008

i cant come at music school.if its still on when i get back i will join.

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