Hey Guys I Need Hits

23 11 2008

Hey Cazmos!!

It’s Wolfz, and I’m just here telling you guys I need hits so please go to http://www.wolfzpc.co.nr






4 responses

23 11 2008

wolfz. please don’t post just for advertising. It’s pretty much a waste. Keep the post, because I want u to keep working on ur blog, and u ned the hits. I’m having the best day ever hits wise. I’m averaging 13 people on, so fay 700 hits.

24 11 2008

Nice site Wolfz. Also Soccer, I have a blogger site and i was wondering if you could do a css for it. If you could do that, comment on my site.


25 11 2008

hey soccer nice site! i was checkin rds site and you said tht u culd do ccs for any1. so can u do it for me plz?
~Champions´ú┐ ­čÖé

25 11 2008

right here is the question and kind of answer kind of random thing lol. QUESTION= Do you have to pay for css?
ANSWER RANDOM THING KIND OF= i thinklike two days ago lots of people got lots of hits for some reason because i nearly beat my record and i have looked around other sites which i help and the same day they got way more
Thanks for listening and goodnight
MIKEAFC(iz cool)

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