A Couple Of Updates & How To Earn Cazmo Cash For Free!

21 11 2008

There are a couple of updates in Planet Cazmo. Let me start off with stating that a new celebrity will be performing in Planet Cazmo soon! She will be performing in the Cazmo Rena with another band on December 6th from 2:00 pm EST and will play every hour till 9:00 pm. I can’t pronounce either one of their names!

Plus if you didn’t notice, the X sign has changed in the Newspaper!

I have also realized that when you open up your Cazmo Phone, your Cazmo has a chat bubble on top of them whcih contains a Cazmo Phone.

Lastly, I have found a way to earn Cazmo Cash for free! It is very simple. You have to get 2 people to join Planet Cazmo, and after they activate their accounts you get 100 Cazmo Cash! Now Planet Cazmo won’t give you the Cazmo Cash if you get 2 players to join Planet Cazmo, and then email them saying it, they will only give it to you if you fill out a certain form on the computer while playing Planet Cazmo. To fill out that form, click on the Newspaper, then go to Refer A Friend.

planet cazmo cheats



random comp!!

21 11 2008

Were startin something new! (Shock!horror!) Inspired by the new phone system, we wll be sending a random text ot someone on cazmo when one of us is on. f you get picked, reply back saying, errrr, anything. And we’ll feature your player card and site adress if you have one on here! Good luck!!!!

hey guys

21 11 2008

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