A Couple Of Updates That I Missed!

18 11 2008

Thanks Soccer for reminding me about the house update!

1 update. The other 2 I believe came out today. The first update, is that the videos that could be watched in the newspaper, are now divided into 2 sections. One is the Cazmo Videos, and the other is Other Videos.

The next update is that there is a new NPC (No Playing Character) in the Fitness Center!

The next and final update is the one that I forgot to state about yesterday. That update is that there are new houses! I am currently too poor to buy one (


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550 Hits Party

18 11 2008


Hey guys AgentCazmo here I’m gonna have a party this friday scince i got 550 hits it is gonna be from 3:30-4:30 it will be at the Fittness center in space but if I get to many people saying they don’t have a spaceship I might change the location so if u don’t have a ship leave a comment