Most Likely 1 Update & New Glitch!

16 11 2008

This maybe an update but I am not sure. The update that I found, was that you can’t trade with buddies that are not online, and the same goes for Cazmos on your ignore list.

Now lets move on the glitch that i found. The glitch is, that you could still ignore Cazmos on your ignore list! Their playercard looks as if you didn’t ignore them!

planet cazmo cheats


Planet Cazmo News

16 11 2008

Hey Cazmos. Here’s the latest news.

I heard from bigdawg, an owner, and moderator of planet cazmo, that pets are coming soon. He says that they will be for cazmo cash, but he may add some for cazmo coins.

The other things coming are:

The Zibs

New Cool Houses

New Cellphones


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