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9 11 2008
Mista Crunch

i dont really like them 😛

10 11 2008

I knew you were gone… LOL

Halo told me


10 11 2008

i was wondering how i can be apart of this new ambassador program thing. Just reply to this comment to answer it.

sory if the spelling is bad. I’m doing this on PSP internet.

10 11 2008

I have a question. How can I be apart of that whole ambassador program thing? I really wanted to know.

Just reply to this comment answering it.

SOCCER: To be an ambassador, you have to have a blog with at least 100-200 hits. You have to be selected by cheif ambassador. If he chooses you, you will get the link to 2 ambassadors only blogs with important information. Make your blog really cool. If you have one already please give me the link. Then, I will think about asking chief if you can be an ambassador. And I may advertise your site a few times. ( Right now i advertise about five LOL)

An ambassadors job is to get people to join planet cazmo, and help them with it, by blogs and helping in the game. Also, keep the game safe, and report bad things. So, if you also have a cp blog with alot of hits, a good thing to do is advertise it on there. That would increase your chances of being one even more.
WOW I typed alot LOL!
If you want to know more (LOL) feel free to comment again XD
Ambassador Soccer

10 11 2008

Unlucky on the footy tornament!

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