im doing fine guys

30 11 2008

hey guys im doing fine ik i quited and all of that but i can still post once in a while and stuff but how is everyone doing? i miss u guys ur the best but i have to quit its just way too much but ill never forget u guys ur my best friends!

Memberships Are Being Advertised On Planet Cazmo Alot!

29 11 2008

Hey guys Jimbercane over here. I haven’t posted on this site for a long time. Today I found some great pieces of evidence that will prove to you that Memberships are being advertised on Planet Cazmo alot! My first evidence is that there is a Membership button in the Newspaper.


My second and last proof is that there is a Membership button on the Log-In Page of Planet Cazmo.


Planet Cazmo Pet Shop

29 11 2008

Hey Cazmos. Here’s what the pet shop will look like.

Cazmo Pet Shop

The pets will be for cazmo cash.



the party has started

28 11 2008

the party ahs started now in the beatstreet town sqare!!! i will be moving to the theatre soon though. LETS PARTY

party reminder

28 11 2008

Just a reminder that the party is soon and i am hoping all of u can come! there is one little change though i will be switching locations through out the party if it gets to crowded. not servers. just rooms. hope you can all come!!!!



26 11 2008

Ok i am going to have a party for three awesome reasons! here they are

1. soccers amazing site raching 50 000 hits!

2. hey1509 and tape video productions doing well! [ ]

3. lots of cool planet cazmo updates!

  I hope this doesnt interfear with the party u are already having. But i hope u and all the site members are coming!!

I will be recording the whole thing and putting it on youtube. we will be clicking player cards.

 If you are coming please comment on this post or on my youtube channel saying u r coming so i have an idea of how many will show.

here is the details:

Place. beatstreet, town square

date. Friday November 28.

time. 4 p.m eastern usa, 3 p.m central usa, 1 p.m western usa, 1 p.m club penguin time, 5.00 p.c time[i think] and i am from canada so just google what it would be where you live if you arent from the usa. 


~ Tape

New Poll: Should we have a Party and Contest for 50,000 hits?

26 11 2008

Hey cazmos. As you know, we have reach 50,000 hits, acctually alot past it now LOL. Anyway, I was planning to do a contest for 50,000, but Since were so close to 60,000 why not make it 60,000?

Well choose when you want to have it. I’m also going to try to have a CAZMO CASH CONTEST SPONSERED BY PLANET CAZMO. If they will sponser it, I will definately do it!


Ambasador Soccer

Updates, Updates, and More Updates PART 2!!!!

26 11 2008


The new updates are here. They include membership, a cool space suit all cazmos who become members get, a theatre that is coming soon, and a place to see how many referals you have. Many new things are coming soon.


Memberships, new general settings, and view my referals.



A new moview theatre is here. You can’t get inside yet 😦




Cazmonaut suit for cazmos who become members.



A picture of where to get membership. To become a member, visit




Thats all for now. There’s lots of things coming soon. SEE THE POST BELOW FOR ADDTIONAL NEWS!


Ambassador Soccer

Updates Updates and more Updates!!!!

25 11 2008

LOL. Hey cazmos. Memberships are now here. I’am going to give you most of the info I got from an ambassador email. Here it is.

A lot of features will be added to Membership in the next few weeks, and we are offering a Holiday Special for people who buy Membership now. They will get one month free.

Membership Benefits:
– Receive a Monthly Allowance of Cash and Coins!
– Get Huge Cazmo Store Discounts!! (50% Off!)
– New Homes!
– Music Instruments! Jam on it!
– Special NEW Locations!!!!!
– Special NEW Clothes!!!!!!
And last but not least
– ….PETS!!!!!!!!

The cost of memberships will be:
– $5.95 US per month
– $29.95 US for 6 months
– $54.95 US for 1 year




In other news, My hits are way up. Two days ago I got 1,000, yesterday I got 2,300, and today so far I have over 2,000. I think I will do a party for 50,000 hits, or wait for 60,000. Tell me what you think.


Ambassador Soccer


Hey Guys I Need Hits

23 11 2008

Hey Cazmos!!

It’s Wolfz, and I’m just here telling you guys I need hits so please go to