21 10 2008

hey guys! I got my email from cheif yesterday (checked it right now) and it said that I was in! WOOT!  I’ll let you see the seal when it comes! Go to my site to see it! and congrats to Jim!

-daballer PCAP ???



5 responses

22 10 2008

Everyone I know is becoming an ambassader…But me 😦

22 10 2008
Jimbercane (Not Logged In)

thanks daballer, and don’t feel bad mariodude100. If you help others, be kind, nice, and have a site that advertises Planet Cazmo alot, then you will soon become an ambassador.

22 10 2008
Dark angel60

cool! please check my site

22 10 2008

cograts! Chief send me my ambassador hat , he told me that he forget to send it to me lol!

22 10 2008

congrats to every new ambassoder for achiveing this and i know metalica has been added too so well done i hope next time it will be me and mario if u remember you had trouble with wp a virus or something so just get ur blog up and running and show them hits smile!!!!

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