The worst thing for 100%

20 10 2008

Hi guys it is my 100%(sniff)

You might want to call me something else now though.

THE MODS ARE TAKING MY PERCENT SIGN!.  I’m sad now.  I should think of a new name

So i thought i would just tell you the really bad news.  Thanks for reading bye.




5 responses

20 10 2008

Omg they shouldn’t do that it just doesn’t make you 100%

20 10 2008

Yeah, I love your name now. They are also changing my account —___—___— I hope we get cc cause they changed it. Cause those accounts were awesome.


20 10 2008

they cant do that. if thats how it was and they had a glich its their problem. they should not take away your percent sign. and how did you know they were going to do that did they email you?

20 10 2008

Actually your pretty lucky, most of the time they ban them or delete them.. I made some called 🙂 and they just deleted it,


20 10 2008

its not a glitch it was made to be like that. It was back on the first day before you could not do that. I also love my percent sign more than cazmo cash

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