Halloween Party

15 10 2008

Hey Cazmos The Halloween Party is here.

I’ve checked around the other blogs, and found that I am one of the first to post the updates.

Ok guys. The town square is completely redecorated. It looks so cool. Then the rest i’ve seen so far is decorated with spider webs and other things. Then, there’s a halloween arena. The costume shop is located in the shops icon, or in the bodyshop tile. Then, theres new music. So far, there’s no new house items. Theres also a new newspaper. YOUNG BERG WILL BE PERFORMING IN THE CAZMO ARENA. I think that is really cool. Also, a wii and cazmo cash will be given out. Theres also a new video from Jeff and Torgo.


Costume Shop


Halloween Shop 2



Town Square 1


Townsquare 2


Townsquare 3


Townsquare 4


Halloween Arena 1


Halloween Arena 2




New Newspaper




So, Overall I think PC Did and awesome job of decorating, I just would have liked them to do alot more in other rooms. I think this party so far is alot better than cp’s party. There might have been some things I missed, so if so, please comment below so I can add them.

Also, please vote in the poll below about your favorite thing about the updates.









4 responses

16 10 2008

ya you for got some thing and its really cool if you want to know go to barbere.wordpress.com to find out its some thing FREE!!!

16 10 2008

cool post soccer


ps.i mightbe coming back to planet cazmo soon.

16 10 2008

cool will the halloween shop be there forever?

18 10 2008
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