Sneak Peek

14 10 2008

SOCCER’S EDIT: For thoughs of you who say I can’t post this, I can. I read the rules of the “you know what.”

Hey cazmos. Soccer here with some ambassador sneek peaks. There’s alot of things that are about to happen in planet cazmo. I’ll try to give you as much info as I possibly can.

First of all, There is going to be an ambassador item. Now, this is only because of our hard work in helping planet cazmo with many different tasks. The item will be a hat.


Next, the Halloween party is coming very soon. We are not certain, but we think it will be here sometime this week. I’ll post as soon as I know exactly when.


“I know all of you are going to like this secret” )

Planet Cazmo Will be giving away a bunch of Nintendo Wii’s!!!!

I am not sure exactly when, but I know it will be soon. It will most likely be a type of contest to win it.

I am pretty sure that is it for now. As soon as I hear more, I will post as quickly as I can.





13 responses

14 10 2008

Cool!! Ambassadors get cool stuff soon.

I wish I was an ambassador, because of all the seals for your spaceship and stuff, and I wish I got sneak peeks…

Anyway, I was just here to tell you to check out my new post about my party!!


14 10 2008

Soccer you were not allow to post this.


14 10 2008

Soccer since i won the scavenger hunt can i work for your blog

14 10 2008

no wait can you advertize my blog

14 10 2008

Soccer we weren’t supossed to post this. Love yr new css btw.

15 10 2008

SOCCER!! You can’t post that!! Get rid of that post!!!!!! Read the rules on youknowwhat again!

15 10 2008

Ohh, nevermind, the chief said it was ok.

15 10 2008
100%(logged off)

Thats unfair for me. I was supposed to be a ambassador but they never made me one. One of the mods said you are going to be one and then i never got the thing to ask me.

15 10 2008

Hey Soccer its me Mute’s brother.
I dont think you should’ve post that.
Ask the other ambassadors first next time when you wanna post something about ambassadors.


15 10 2008

Tsk tsk tsk soccer! you shouldn’t have posted this. BTW the Wii’s are only for the Ambassadors!

15 10 2008

Mute the Wii`s is not only for ambassador.


15 10 2008

Nice post soccer.Chief said that we can post about the ambassador hat , he said this in comment. Also If you don’t know that I am ambassador , chief added me again before 2 weeks!

15 10 2008

Everyone listen. I read the rules and everyone is allowed to read this. Also, mute, read the email more carefully. There are going to be wiis for non ambassadors to.
Thanks nol, spiros, and york for understanding that I was allowed to post this.

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