Halloween Scavenger Hunt (Scavenger Hunt#1)

10 10 2008

Hey guys. Today I am starting the Halloween scavenger hunts. You need to find all the items I have listed, and if you are one of the first, you will win a prize. Tell Which page/post each items are on. I am still deciding on the prizes, but I will try to make them cool.


1. lightening

2.ghost gif animation

3. pumpkin

4. pumpkin

5. pumpkin

6. eyeball

7. ghost

8. ghost

9. gravestone

10 gravestone.



hey soccer, i found all the items and i think im one of the first.

1. Lightening is located at ?????????? post/page

2. Ghost is located at ??????????? post/psge

And so on………


So Have fun with the hunt!




10 10 2008

Hey cazmo’s! Markus here! Soccer added me to this blog for the 2nd time today (lol.) I am leader of The cazmo gang .The site’s brand new so if I could get lots of hits it would be really cool.

Before someone asks I do play Club Penguin quite regulary. I’m workin on a couple of special projects, but I’ll tell you later.

Spread the world…


I’ll Be Gone

10 10 2008

Hey Cazmos!!

It’s me, Wolfz!!

I’m just posting to tell you guys why I won’t be on pc this weekend!!

I’ll be going to my uncles cottage to hang out with my family!!

I wanted to get someone to work for my site to post if there’s any updates while I’m away…

But no one commented on the post I made looking for admins!!

I think I’ll be back late Monday, or definitley Tuesday!!

Well, I was just telling you cazmos why I won’t be on!!


Love you halo!!