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6 10 2008

Hey cazmos. I am starting a new thing on this site called a Scavenger Hunt. It’s where you search for things hidden on this site, and find the location of them. Then You would comment the location of how ever many I tell you to find. The first 2-3 people to complete it will win. I will have these everyonce in a while. The first one is going to start soon, so keep checking back.

Also, Dont be suprised if you see capes just like in clubpenguin. In early November 2007, I asked Planet Cazmo If they Would add capes to the pc. They said it would be very complex to do, but they would try. I think there are going to be items similar and completely different then clubpenguins halloween items. Like there could be ghost sheets etc. and Planet Cazmos cool ideas. Tell me what kind of costumes you think will be avalible.





6 responses

6 10 2008
mmmrrr mutee!!!!

Witch Costume! Frankenstein!!

lol cant wait..
muteeeeeeee (mmhmm im not loggeedd inn)
SOCCER: Cool! Great Ideas!

6 10 2008

i wonder if theyll be free items
SOCCER: I Hope there are. I hope theres like a pumpkin hat, or a White Cape, Or a Magic Wand, or a cool free mask.

6 10 2008

FrankenBody costume all the way!!
SOCCER: Awesome!!!!

6 10 2008

i know two songs which the mods might put in for halloween those two r ghostbusters and thriller by michael jackson because oscar the couch came on and asked and i said them and he said he noted them down
SOCCER: Nice halloween Songs! 🙂

8 10 2008

thanx for the club penguin penguins!

10 10 2008

Hey Adam hope you get better soon see you at school

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