Rare Clubpenguin Account Contest is Here!

1 10 2008

Hey guys. I am offical starting the contest today. The winner will receive a rare penguin. Here’s all the info below.  IT IS A COMMENTING CONTEST. PLEASE COMMENT ON THE CONTEST PAGE


Rare Clubpenguin Account Contest 1

Contest Type: Number Commenting Contest

How to win:The first person to reach 999 will receive 1-3 rare penguins. The penguins will be given when we get 1,000-2,000 more hits, which won’t take long because of the contest.

How and When will I Receive The rare penguin(s): You will receive them when we get 1,000-2,000 hits. You will receive the prize by email, so the true winner must comment his/her email.

Where do we comment: On the contest page, which is located at http://planetcazmocheats.net/contests

So Comment Away, and Have Fun!