Spiros and Tampos 15000 hits party

29 09 2008

Hello cazmos,Spiros is here

The poll resaults for the question : <<Should I will make a party for 15000 hits?>> Yes-30 votes , No-2 votes. 30 persons vote yes so I will make a party. I think that a beach party it will be cool with the voley ball update… so I will make a BEACH PARTY! I will record a video and the video will be in youtube…

Here is the beach party invation:

Heres the info:

Why: 15,000 hits

Server: Funkitron

Place: Meet at the beach

Who: Everyones invited

Time: 10:00AM “Planet Cazmo Time”

What were going to do: Play games, chat, dance, anything you want, have fun!

I hope you can come We will have a nice time. )



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