Do Not Copy My Music Page Idea

28 09 2008

Update:  He gave me credit so he can keep the page.

Hey cazmos. Just after I released the music page, I found that someone has already copied it. I think I may let him keep it, but i’m not sure. He is a very good friend of mine so….  I Thought of the idea a very long time ago, and was waiting to get alot of hits to release it. It’s kind of frustrating when you think of cool idea and somebody takes it from you.


From this day on, My page will not be copied. If you copy it you will be in violation of copyright on the page im going to get on it. Please don’t copy the page or idea.

In other news, I am about to Start the Rare cp account contest. Probably tomorrow. Keep checking back for the latest news.



100% is Back

28 09 2008

Hey guys im sorry i have been gone.  I have had a lot of school work latley and i couln’t play or get many updates posted.  But, now im back and i am going to post again.


Some Updates

28 09 2008

Hey guys Jimbercane again. I logged onto Planet Cazmo, and i found quite a bit of updates. let me start of with the Newspaper. In it, there has been added a section called Meet The Mods, and another one called Invite A Friend.

The second update also has to do with the newspaper. If you guessed the videos, then your right! There are a couple of new videos.

The third update also has to do with the newspaper. It is another video, but this time one that is on the front page. The video is about Jeff being abducted.

The next update has to do with the My Stuff button, AKA your invetory. In it, there has been a new button added.

And finally, the last update has to do with the House button. In the first page of the message that comes up after you click on it, you have the option to unlock or lock your house.

I know I posted some of these updates late, but I posted it just incase you never noticed, or if you did notce to make up.

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