30,000 Hits!

27 09 2008

Hey guys. We have 30,000 hits! Thanks to everyone who has come to this site. Now that we have 30,000 hits, I am probably going to release a music page soon. For a while it will only have hiphop/rap and rock. More genres will be released over time. We will probably have a party. More info coming soon.

In other news, here are the results of the poll so far.

Yes 47% (29 votes)
No 10% (6 votes)
Mabey 10% (6 votes)
I don’t like clubpenguin/ I don’t play cp anymore 34% (21 votes)
Total Votes: 62
So it looks like will have a rare cp account contest. We could give one away with the first and second pin, the pink bunny ears and other things. We could give away one with the red cape, black mask, and other rare items. We could give away both. Were still deciding on some things.
Keep checking back for the latest news.



5 responses

27 09 2008

I voted Yes haha and I will be at the party 😉
Also nice font!

28 09 2008

Ok dude its tom2k5 here im a massive fan of club penguin plz make a contest for a penguin that has red lei black toque and the pink toque

SOCCERS EDIT: I had alot of penguins with the red lei, but most of them got banned or I can ‘t remember them. I ve had a few with the black and pink toque, but they got banned to. Unless I can remember some or find some more, The prize will probably be a rare member penguin 740- 900 days old. I wish I could and I will try again. Acctually, I might call clubpenguin to unbann some of them and then I could give them away. Mabey one with the first pin and the pink bunny ears. Well i’ll keep trying.

28 09 2008

can u please email me wat program u use for the css and things like that please because i want to know how to do them kind of stuff

28 09 2008

Im a fan of Club Penguin too.I really want the penguin with red cape and black mask.I’m am going to try my best


28 09 2008

well than your in luck mario. I happen to have alot of penguins with the red cape and black mask 🙂 The contest will start soon.

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