30,000 Hits!

27 09 2008

Hey guys. We have 30,000 hits! Thanks to everyone who has come to this site. Now that we have 30,000 hits, I am probably going to release a music page soon. For a while it will only have hiphop/rap and rock. More genres will be released over time. We will probably have a party. More info coming soon.

In other news, here are the results of the poll so far.

Yes 47% (29 votes)
No 10% (6 votes)
Mabey 10% (6 votes)
I don’t like clubpenguin/ I don’t play cp anymore 34% (21 votes)
Total Votes: 62
So it looks like will have a rare cp account contest. We could give one away with the first and second pin, the pink bunny ears and other things. We could give away one with the red cape, black mask, and other rare items. We could give away both. Were still deciding on some things.
Keep checking back for the latest news.

Account Management

27 09 2008

Update: If you guys want a elimination contest, which will include auditions and all the works to get into the contest, please comment giving your ideas. Thank You.

There is this new feature in Planet Cazmo, and it lets you manage you’r account! To get to the webpage, click here. Also me and Nicolexoxo broke up…… She says she is with Elementxoxo now. But it’s ok. Everythings fine. I am sad though.


planet cazmo cheats


A Very Sad Story…

27 09 2008

UPDATE: I was told that Berry changed her mind and is going to stay, IF no one talks bad about her behind her back.

Hey cazmos…

Tonight, the 26th of September, Berry quit…

If you were one of her friends take a moment to remember the good times…

That’s the sad story… 😦