Should we have a Contest for a Rare cp Account?

25 09 2008

Hey cazmos. I don’t play cp anymore. It’s way to boring, and I haven’t played in a while. But, I do know a few rare nonmembers and members. So, for thoughs of u who still like cp or want a rare account, would like this contest. I am doing a poll on wheather we should or not. It’s your decision. Heres the poll


Direct Link:


Soon, I will do cazmo cash contests, and mabey membership contests when they come out. I may do a few contests for cazmos with rare or cool names. Any ideas for contests? If so then comment them below. Leave some comments.






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25 09 2008
100%(not logged in)

How rare is the account? I have a 735 day old penguin. I can give that one away too.

25 09 2008

Well, I have one thats not very easy to guess that has the first pin and second and others.
It also has the pink bunny ears.
Then I have a few that are not very easy to guess that have the red cape and stuff, and alot rarer stuff.
I have alot, so I need to remember them all.

25 09 2008
100%(logged off)

Why was i taken offf of the site. Im sorry it is just that i just have a lot of school stuff going on and if i didn’t post enough sorry. I get a lot of Homeowrk everyday. Plus i play out side at least 5 hours a day now that i moved because i have a lot og friends that i new back here. But, i can still make at least one post ever 1 to 2 days. If you add me back ill try to add more posts for you. Also ill advertise a lot too. We used to be like partners. Also i play planet cazmo more now. SO if you can add me back just comment or something. Thanks bye!

26 09 2008

dude I never removed you. What kind of friend would I be if I did. When we got hacked by starviper he removed everyone. I forgot your email and forgot to add you back. I am sorry. We STILL ARE partners ok.
I’m busy with school and life to. I have middle school soccer games and practices everyday of the week. Travel Soccer practices and games on the weekends, school dances and other activities, and hanging out with my friends. Im way busy to. I hardly ever go on pc anymore. Just when I have time. Also I have a terrible amount of homework. OK
I’ll add you back right now. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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