I’m The New Worker

25 09 2008

Hey cazmos!!

I have no idea why I got added to this blog, but, I might as well post!!

I’m Wolfz from Planet Cazmo!!

Well cya!!


Should we have a Contest for a Rare cp Account?

25 09 2008

Hey cazmos. I don’t play cp anymore. It’s way to boring, and I haven’t played in a while. But, I do know a few rare nonmembers and members. So, for thoughs of u who still like cp or want a rare account, would like this contest. I am doing a poll on wheather we should or not. It’s your decision. Heres the poll


Direct Link:  http://www.polldaddy.com/p/950275/


Soon, I will do cazmo cash contests, and mabey membership contests when they come out. I may do a few contests for cazmos with rare or cool names. Any ideas for contests? If so then comment them below. Leave some comments.




New Editor Wyse

25 09 2008

Hey guys soccer added me as a editor (thanks soccer) so Ive come to do some stuff here.

Heres my picture

So ill cya around pc.