The First Time I Ever Saw A Full Server On Planet Cazmo & New Glitch

20 09 2008

Update: I just found a glitch. If you use this glitch, you could actually change Cazmo’s backgrounds! So, first open their playercard, then click on the spot that I outlined in the picture below.

Then choose a background!

If you go to browse more and choose a background, then the playercard will be the same, but the Cazmo’s body will change into your Cazmo’s body!

Also, when I logged on today, and guess what I saw? Funkitron server was completely FULL, and 10 BUDDIES WERE ONLINE!!! Don’t believe me? Look at the picture below. That’s my proof.

planet cazmo cheats




7 responses

20 09 2008

nice post jim. Keep up the great work. Thanks

20 09 2008
black wolf (not logged in)

I found the background glitch when backgrounds came out. Nice rock glitch though!


20 09 2008


21 09 2008

Soccer please tell Halo that I couldn’t get on because my grandpa wanted to stay for another hour…

I’m VERY sorry I missed the wedding…


21 09 2008

Omg! i was on

21 09 2008

I know this glitch already.

25 09 2008
PINK \/\/Y$E


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