Two New Glitches Discovered

20 09 2008

Hey guys. Soccer here. I found 2 new glitches at the beach today. I put how to do them in the cheats and glitches page. The first glitch is one on one one of the islands. There’s a rock that’s partly in the water. You click on the rock like you are trying to get in the water, and then you get inside of the rock. The water is also rippling around you just like if u are in the water. Its kind of like a rock bath.

The second one is alot more simple. You just get behind a rock and it covers your name.



The First Time I Ever Saw A Full Server On Planet Cazmo & New Glitch

20 09 2008

Update: I just found a glitch. If you use this glitch, you could actually change Cazmo’s backgrounds! So, first open their playercard, then click on the spot that I outlined in the picture below.

Then choose a background!

If you go to browse more and choose a background, then the playercard will be the same, but the Cazmo’s body will change into your Cazmo’s body!

Also, when I logged on today, and guess what I saw? Funkitron server was completely FULL, and 10 BUDDIES WERE ONLINE!!! Don’t believe me? Look at the picture below. That’s my proof.

planet cazmo cheats