New Updates Coming To Planet Cazmo

14 09 2008

Hey guys. Here’s the lastest ambassador news. Theres a few things I can not reveal, but I will reveal somethings.

I will not post the email for many reasons, but I will post fragments of it. Here’s whats coming:

Our high tech deep-space alert system (Rosie, the Waitress from the Diner), has detected a hostile  presence in the stratosphere around Planet Cazmo.   Aliens, my fellow  Cazmonians, aliens.  They haven’t revealed themselves or their intentions yet,  but we know they’re out there. Keep your eyes and ears open.  Learn what you can. So in lieu of all this we wanted to give you advance warning that we will soon be introducing special features designed to ready Cazmo for defense.  New tools will be coming to bolster our numbers. Please  use them and encourage others to “refer friends” and all will surely be  rewarded

Next up, we need to make sure the Cazmonians are in top physical shape to take on these invaders.  That’s why we’re opening up the fitness center! So get ready to go pump yourself up! The Beach will also come alive with new activities as well. Volleyball anybody?!

If that weren’t enough, our engineers are experimenting with new technologies that might help us defend ourselves, or at the least  ske-daddle away very quickly! New, in-world vehicles as seen in the attachments  to this report, and more, are coming! Many other new things are on the way,  more than I have time to mention individually, of course. I’m sure you will explore and find them all.









Sounds awesome right. I think this is the only pc blog to post most of that ambassador email. I like my visitors to be very informed about the new things coming to planet cazmo. So I will give you more news then most of the other blogs do. Keep coming back for the latest and best news.


~Soccer Pcap009~