Tampos and Spiros contest

7 09 2008

Hello cazmos, Spiros is here

I am making a new commeting contest….the winner will get 5000 cazmo coins and author for 2 months in my site.If you want to enter the contest click on the picture:




4 responses

7 09 2008

Spiros, I need help with getting a header on css. I know the correct code to insert and where to put it, but it wont show up. The same for adding images as back grounds. Reply back.

7 09 2008

ok I will help you but to costomize the css you must be admin.If you want add me as an admin, tell me the code and I will help you

7 09 2008

Acctually, I have a test site for css. Heres what i’ll do. WordPress doesnt want me to add any admins to this site. I’ll put the css code of this site on my test site, and add you as an admin to the test site.

7 09 2008

spiros. The test site is http://planetcazmofeatures.wordpress.com
Im going to add you to it. ok.

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