My old forum

5 09 2008

Hey cazmos. I just remembered about my forum for planet cazmo. “lol” It’s 

That was the second one i made. I think I made it in june or july. The first forum I made, was made in december, but I am no longer doing anything with it. It was

So please visit my forum and sign up.





5 responses

6 09 2008

Cool! I’ll join it

6 09 2008

I went out with your sister tonight!! She is awesome!! Lol, I almost forgot you were her brother lol


7 09 2008

i heard from her…. thats great.

7 09 2008

Uh, soccer, I have a question. I can’t figure out how to post on the forums. Can you tell me how please?? Thanks.


21 10 2009

Very nice site! is it yours too

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