Some Updates & Something Weird

27 08 2008

There is a new video that you could see it’s name is Attack Of The Alien Part 1. I outlined it in the picture below.

Also, now if there are no Cazmo’s in a room, then it won’t give any number beneath it.

And there is this weird thing that I noticed. When you play Alien Fishing with the Caz Rules hat AKA The Beta Testers Hat, then your Cazmo will look like this:

Thanks to Spyros, because he stated about this on his current first post, and at that time I had not even posted this post. So only after I so it, I stated about it here.

planet cazmo cheats


New cazmo 5piro5

27 08 2008

Hello cazmos,

Today I made a new cazmo 5piro5 , If you see this account its me and it isnt an imposter!

Here is a pictures of my new cazmo: