New Cazmo Of The Week

26 08 2008

There is a new Cazmo Of The Week. And he is……….. little wolf! Congratulations little wolf

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Quest Guide!

26 08 2008

Hello Cazmo’s!

Its Nado im a new Editor in this site thanks to Soccer,Im here with the full guide of the new misson,this guide is from my site

  • To start of talk to the shark!

Location “Towelz” Down Right!

Pirate Flag:
Location “Pump It” Down Left!

Location “Sun Island” Right!

Pirate Hat:
Location “Cazmo Ball” Beside the volley ball court!

Treasure Chest:
Location “Statue Island” Middle!

Location “Dock 1″ UP + beside rock!

Location “Blue Hut” Up-Right!

Gold Coins:
Location “Ice Hut” Down Right!

Location “Splat Hut” Down Right!

After that go back and talk to Sharky and he will tell you to fird Pirate Pete:


Pirate Pete:
Location “Dock 2″

The Reward!

A close up Pic of Pete,just to let you know who he is!

If you want to see the updates just go below!

Until then…

See you around!


new cazmo of the week

26 08 2008

Hello cazmos,

The 5th cazmo of the week and pick by Planet Cazmo and is……………little wolf

So If you see him say:Congratz little wolf for being the 5th cazmo of the week!