New worker!

24 08 2008

Hey guys! I work on Soccers site now! My name is Daballer and my site is! Vist!



SOC: Header to get on css

I need workers who can post during the School year and more

24 08 2008

Hey cazmos. School starts tomorrow for me. This year, I will be very busy, and will probably not be on the computer much. I need workers who can post updates, and post some clever things once in a while when theres been no updates. So comment if you think you can do this. Don’t expect an immediate reply. I might no be able to go on this week. Probably on the weekend though. I will try my best to get on this week.

Also, wordpress is not helping with getting my old content back. They keep saying the can’t, when they have done it for me before. So keep emailing them to get them to change there mind.

NEW PROJECT: Pirate Petes Beach Glitches

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This project is to Find glitches or Graphic Flaws (such as you walking over a tree, or if a table is over a trash can) at the beach, since its newly open! This project will only be here for about a week. At the most, I will only have two projects open at a time! Too report your glitch, just click on the upper right moderator sign, and right your report. Make sure you post this on your blog! Thanks for helping! Make sure you visit!

Bye for Now!


I’ve been Hacked ( Sound familar )

24 08 2008

Hey cazmos. The site was hacked once again 😦  😦 All they did was delete all my comments posts, pages, and everything. Everyone email wordpress. I hate hackers. Mabey wordpress will retrieve all the deleted content. Who knows. There going to be mad at me since this is like the third time. So email them please. I have most of the pages saved, its just all the posts and comments are gone. I’m not completely mad. I will continue this blog weather I get my old content back or not. Just email please. I’ll add all the old pages tommorrow.