Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program

22 05 2008

Hi Cazmos. Soccer here. Planet Cazmo has made this think called the ambassador program where cazmos who have sites which drive alot of traffic to cazmo will become one and get cool stuff!


More Info:

We have launched a new “Cazmo Ambassador Program” for special Cazmonauts who have websites driving high amounts of traffic to Cazmo.

Ambassador Seal Example

A note to those wanting to be “Mods” or help keep Cazmo safe: This is NOT the highly anticipated “Moderator Program” that many of you have been waiting for and asked about. While some responsibilities overlap (i.e. keeping Cazmo safe), these positions are different. We appreciate everyone’s help in “Spreading The World!” about Cazmo and we will continue to add people to this program as it makes sense. But have no fear, our mod program (official name to be announced) is coming, but its still at least a month away as we work hard to add  new locations, games and features to Cazmo!






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